When designing automobiles, the FIAT® Brand always keeps fuel efficiency in mind. We know that less time at the pump means more fun on the road—that’s the FIAT Brand way. Take the classic FIAT 500 models—fuel efficient cars with a highway driving range of up to 346 miles per tank. Consider the capable and Italian-inspired FIAT 500X crossover with up to 33 highway miles per gallon. If you are looking for a little extra charge, check out the FIAT 500e with a combined 121 MPGe city/103 MPGe highway. For those that need more room, the FIAT 500L won’t sacrifice space for efficiency with 30 highway miles per gallon and a 396-mile highway driving range. Because performance should never be compromised, we also offer the fun-to-drive FIAT 124 Spider with standard 35 highway mpg—better highway mpg than any manual transmission-equipped competitor in its class. For more information on these vehicles, check out the lineup below to see how our FIAT vehicles' fuel economy ratings stack up.